My day was filled with bad smells The first to greet me was the chemical odour of cum at the back of the tro-tro I boarded Mix that with the bleach used to scrub it hastily off the seats. Phlegm rose to my throat I couldn’t spit, I was in-betweenRead More →

These obstacles are not enough to take me away I will never leave I wish you can see that Look into my eyes and see how I look into your eyes I am ever willing to lay myself bare and let you look through my innermost thoughts because I knowRead More →

The truth is that nobody can say that they were there for me Simply because I never let them I have always looked down on their solutions Thin pity Thin love Thin experiences Their whole way of life I have always dealt with all my pains alone And maybe, justRead More →

A lot of times I have voiced my fears With words shrouded in bravery and confidence, Feeling like if I showed my darkness a way to the light Then maybe it would not be so surprising If what I fear happens. I can brave up and face it. Knowing andRead More →

I will braid my hair again but I like to leave it Hangin’ loose Free forming Into any shape it wants Until it gets tangled And then she sits me down for hours to comb it. She untangles me, I don’t know where I found her But I love her.Read More →

Sometimes I feel like you are jealous of me Having a body that is more than just soul and energy Sometimes I feel like sharing is not enough for you You want more And if you cannot have it then I also have to go down or pay for itRead More →

The more I mature the more I understand, One should cherish the time they spend with love. There is not enough time to spare. Not like I was naïve to the fact but, I had to feel it on a personal level. I felt the sting of loneliness. When loveRead More →

1 Inyene walked home with Oseiwe, a tall brutish boy with large forearms and Dokiwari who was the exact opposite, he was short and slender. Their laughter scattered about the lonely road like seeds in the wind and their legs dragged noisily on the ground. Their bellies were filled withRead More →