Read this, I wrote it with you in mind.

Read this on your bed, 

Squint at the text, and then

Reach back and fetch your glasses so you can see all the words clearly. 

Smile when you read this because it’s a good day.

A good day to love 

A good day to reconnect. 

The past is the past now 

If it was so important there would be a way to go back to yesterday 

It’s not.

Read this when the urge to pee comes,

Read this in the bathroom with your bathrobe on, like the little videos you make for me when you wake up. 

Read this while listening to your favourite song

And if you smile, please be so kind enough to take the writer a picture,

If you laugh, just know that this is what makes the writer happy. 

Read his while you’re crunching on cornflakes 

You have been so busy these days to cook anything hot or eat anything tangible.

Read this as you leave the house to the busy street about to swallow you like the rest of the world

People walking together yet feeling alone inside. 

Read this on the train

Read this and know you’re not alone

Somewhere, someone loves you so much

Cares, cries, dies inside that he misses you so much. 

Read this if you miss them too. 

Read this at work

It will relieve the stress 

All work and no play makes everyone dull

Projects, projects, yeah-yeah, Booring.

Read this when you’re bored, 

This is the most interesting thing ever

It just depends how you think about it. 

Read this when you’re less busy. 

For no reason just read this poem 

Just so you can smile 

And laugh 

And be beautiful 

Again and again 

And again 

And again.