For those who pray fervently and silently

Rain serves as an answer.

It is spiritual every time because we all feel connected to water.

If you seek a transition, rain will fall.

It is like the clouds cannot take it anymore and so they let go.

You’re in so much pain and you cannot take it anymore so you let tears go.

Prayers and wishes have gone up so many times the universe cannot take it anymore

So it will let go

Of showers of blessings on the deserved and underserved.

In conventional rainfall, the sun heats the ground and warm air rises.

All beginning process has to be seen through, however painful and difficult.

Work and pray.

As the air rises it cools and water vapour condenses to form clouds, a thin, blind hope with silver linings behind to keep you going.

It is simply typical of warm moist air being heated from the ground surface and as a result, the air expands and rises to a great height.

Everyone’s asking when will it rain, they see the signs in you but, when?

How long have you worked and wished for everything you have wished for?

As the air and your wishes rise to the heavens, it cools, becomes saturated and dew point temperature is attained.

And then rain falls.

Even after very dark clouds, the sky becomes really bright and beautiful.