When your grandfather died I was still around the age of 5, or maybe 7, I cannot recall timelines according to the year as much as I can recall memories vividly. We were together on the couch watching Sonic the hedgehog when your mother came from work crying, “Your grandfatherRead More →

Sel Kofiga is a contemporary African Creator with so much to offer to the art community. I don’t know anything about seeing faces of people during my day and going back home to paint memories of the expressions they wore on their faces, I do not think in pictures and colours,Read More →

If you say that you love a person then you must be willing to give them a research chance. That is, allocate a lot of time and attention to the pursuit of the knowledge of them. How they live? what do they want from living? that is most important toRead More →

Sex is the highest currency. Sex is the only commodity that can give money and politics, religion and power a run for its money. Sex runs the world.  Politics, on the other hand, is how the world relates to itself, our beliefs, but with a business-like approach, it is the conversation between all the citizensRead More →

I like milk shortcake biscuits. It is a product of CRL Munchies Company, weighs about 85 kg and has a total number of twelve round milk coated deliciousness. I don’t know why I binge eat certain biscuits or biscuits at all, and not just biscuits, candy bars like snickers (albeitRead More →

Electricity ruined our relationships, not technology. Electricity was the bane of all technological reasoning’s going on at the time it was first discovered by Lewis Latimer. I grew up in Festac (est. 1977), and it was a community like it is on social media. Kids in the neighbourhood (boys andRead More →

Just stop with the statement, It is never just “online”. Persons run the accounts, persons with feelings, insecurities, flaws, friends and families. Persons who have a life they live, standards that life is built on that may never apply to your reality. And because realities differ we disagree. Tribe playsRead More →