The women eyes are red-rimmed And their bodies heave silently like a chill in the night. Some men are six feet deep, and still digging to make sure While the rest wait patiently for when it is time for the pine box. They said men don’t cry We don’t knowRead More →

Love is a whole house, A safe place to stay in the world.   It comes in a perfect living condition But as you go on living in it and enjoying the roof over our head Parts of it falls off A rift here, a brick there Some splits BecauseRead More →

She held him close to her finery, Her bosom. Her breath on his face was soft and slow But her heart was racing into his ear aptly placed. Her mind was  solely on his form, The most on her, the rest Stretched out in front. She inhaled his perfume, stroked hisRead More →

I am not killing myself for fun I am dying slowly to cope The lucky ones aren’t breathing at all At least not through corrupted lungs Weak body, demotivated spirit Aching gums and a broken heart And if you still have feelings you are the unlucky one.Read More →

Few days after our first encounter I was summoned into her office. She had previously given me a copy of “Courtesy for Boys & Girls” with the instruction that I read and memorized it. I was ready for her. I don’t remember a single thing from that book today butRead More →