Disclaimer: Although this is the fictitious story, the history of it is real. I don’t want to rewrite history but certainly to portray the events and characters realistically. Any semblances or similarities to actual events or persons, whether living or dead is entirely coincidental. All images used belong to ArinzechukwuRead More →

I am beginning to look like you I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to be Soaring, Stout-hearted, Strong, or Would I be intelligent? Would I be talented and creative? Would I gain the love of my family? My friends, My people, Nigeria Would I find loveRead More →

Periwinkles: “You are now a big boy.” Auntie Diana said as she drove you to her Ikeja residence. “The last time I set eyes on you was a long time, you were a baby then. Now you’re handsome and even have a moustache! My God, your mother is too much,Read More →

  This skinny caramel girl with the long legs Haircut as low as her temper Perfect B cup titties and boot-cut ass Walks around my apartment like she owns it with me Like she owns me. She wears her blue bathrobe Puff on cigarettes nonchalantly Like one who owns life,Read More →

My neighbor died a year ago, I promised him a visit. But I never fulfilled that promise And last night he visited me With guilt. He left his wife With a baby Who never got to know Him and his croaky laughter. Last night, My neighbor’s wife came to pickRead More →

It’s prevalent to say When your father ghosts you pick up his pants to wear Well, the pant is a monster It wears you. The pants slink out of the wardrobe And crawls eerily to your bed As it touches cold feet, You gasp and rose To the sound ofRead More →

Awkward silence In a room filled with loved ones Spiky eyes that dart Full lips that fail to part The pall of sadness makes the room a grave, A convention of death eaters The hush isn’t peace. It is bare misery. It kills, Pierces, Chokes more, Than the noose aroundRead More →

  Hello, it’s me I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet To go over everything Technology ruined our relationship; it only provided tools for interaction. The printing press, phone, radio, and television permitted us to spread messages in mass. Technology revolutionized how we communicated. ThereRead More →

  We spoke Spoke by violence War of fists, not words Whenever you came around. When we decided to converse, The sounds of crickets Drowned our speech And reminded us That words are maybe not for us Not for our kind. Someday, I hope we would get to talk AndRead More →

  We start off as a pair born at one birth It’s survival of the fittest But some souls have since learned to share Or commensalize. Survivors are the ones that cry in the end, losers only lay still   The dying gives life A soul for a soul InRead More →

There are tears in my soup pot I am usually careful. Nothing but what should be in there ever finds its way in But I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming into the twirl as I stirred.   There are tears in my soup pot Because I have now thoughtRead More →