I like her, She isn’t around me all the time She is busy and that’s cool, She found me busy and then let me love her Isn’t that cool? Your sister calls twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays after her day She calls to know if I wrote, Stepped out,Read More →

Disclaimer: Although this is the fictitious story, the history of it is real. I don’t want to rewrite history but certainly to portray the events and characters realistically. Any semblances or similarities to actual events or persons, whether living or dead is entirely coincidental. All images used belong to ArinzechukwuRead More →

Periwinkles: “You are now a big boy.” Auntie Diana said as she drove you to her Ikeja residence. “The last time I set eyes on you was a long time, you were a baby then. Now you’re handsome and even have a moustache! My God, your mother is too much,Read More →

  This skinny caramel girl with the long legs Haircut as low as her temper Perfect B cup titties and boot-cut ass Walks around my apartment like she owns it with me Like she owns me. She wears her blue bathrobe Puff on cigarettes nonchalantly Like one who owns life,Read More →