1 Inyene walked home with Oseiwe, a tall brutish boy with large forearms and Dokiwari who was the exact opposite, he was short and slender. Their laughter scattered about the lonely road like seeds in the wind and their legs dragged noisily on the ground. Their bellies were filled withRead More →

Until women stop being afraid of the consequences of Relating to heterosexual masculinity Only gay men can Present masculinity In a safe and acceptable way for women to fully appreciate Manhood in all its form and grace Without being afraid of losing their lives. In this way, the Gay CommunityRead More →

It’s hard to exit toxic relationships. For example the family unit, some people just learn to endure a certain kind of pain that they get used to it. Like every form of training, physical and verbal abuse, over time, becomes hard to decolonize. Achebe once said, “Being Nigerian is abysmallyRead More →