I lay on the ground reading a book when my daughter, Elsa, walked passed me and sat on the couch I plopped my legs crossed at the ankle. Elsa sighed loudly as if a heft had just been thrown down on her slender shoulders; remitting subtle signals of distress wasRead More →

Your mother became obsessed with diviners. The future plagued her- she wanted to know everything will be fine. Your mother went to friends- some of who took her to places they felt will solve her problems, Pastors, Prophets and Jack of all spiritual trades. She had a generous heart andRead More →

It was fun the first night Ehinmore’s mother, Mavis, took him to Attie’s home, it was in January. She said it was a place he can stay and school until she can piece herself together, after the bitter separation from his father, and return. “Where are you taking me to,Read More →

Disclaimer: Although this is the fictitious story, the history of it is real. I don’t want to rewrite history but certainly to portray the events and characters realistically. Any semblances or similarities to actual events or persons, whether living or dead is entirely coincidental. All images used belong to ArinzechukwuRead More →

Periwinkles: “You are now a big boy.” Auntie Diana said as she drove you to her Ikeja residence. “The last time I set eyes on you was a long time, you were a baby then. Now you’re handsome and even have a moustache! My God, your mother is too much,Read More →

I was with Mike and another friend, Eman. We walked on the long tarred road on the high street at Jamestown. Mike stopped to talk to some models he knew, he wanted to hook me up. Every time he threw me like a piece of meat to his female friends;Read More →

After what seemed like a month of travel from Dundee, The SS Ethiopia transatlantic passenger vessel Mary was on finally came to Duke town, Akwa-Akpa. At last a dream which she had cherished for years had finally come to fruition, and even so, it seemed as though it were aRead More →

When father announced that Zeluwa was being sent to Egbu to begin secondary school our mother disputed against it. “I know you schooled there and it was good in your generation, but I want him close to Me.” she fussed. We watched television, and it was a Saturday. Our parentsRead More →