I was with Mike and another friend, Eman. We walked on the long tarred road on the high street at Jamestown. Mike stopped to talk to some models he knew, he wanted to hook me up. Every time he threw me like a piece of meat to his female friends;Read More →

After what seemed like a month of travel from Dundee, The SS Ethiopia transatlantic passenger vessel Mary was on finally came to Duke town, Akwa-Akpa. At last a dream which she had cherished for years had finally come to fruition, and even so, it seemed as though it were aRead More →

When father announced that Zeluwa was being sent to Egbu to begin secondary school our mother disputed against it. “I know you schooled there and it was good in your generation, but I want him close to Me.” she fussed. We watched television, and it was a Saturday. Our parentsRead More →

  I’m bored. Out of all the 10 commandment, the 7th seems to be the hardest to keep now. Lord forgive me. The rush of blood in my head to awkward places. You ever feel like killing me ? I embarrass you a lot. I remember our last adventure. SwimmingRead More →