Who Angered The heavens: by Ikechi Ochulo

September 20, 2017

Ikechi Ochulo picked my blog as the place to keep his socially-acceptable thoughts, see what he wrote for yourselves:   Who angered the heavens? Can’t you see? Sun’s eye is dim His broad smile is gone   Who angered the heavens? Can’t you hear? The thunderous voice above you The groaning and rumbling too That […]

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The Latifa Iddriss consciousness project || Ussher fort, Jamestown.

August 22, 2017

Often we are opportune to meet people who dare to be like Gods, and so I was honoured to work alongside a wavy creator, environmentalist and visual journalist, Latifa Iddriss on her social consciousness project about how garbage dumping is detrimental to the environment we live in. The sun was scorching as usual like it […]

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