Sel Kofiga: Memorised Expressions

August 22, 2017

Sel Kofiga is a contemporary African Creator with so much to offer to the art community. I don’t know anything about seeing faces of people during my day and going back home to paint memories of the expressions they wore on their faces, I do not think in pictures and colours, but Sel Kofiga does in […]

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Home Alone: By Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

August 5, 2017

The rain started with a rush of the wind that slashed open the pots sitting at the edge of the hut. Their covers were displaced as if the wind had been without food for days. It had been like this in my village, Nkwerre, for weeks. It was June, the beginning of rainy season. I […]

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Matilda’s cross – By Sharon Imarhiagbe

July 26, 2017

Matilda woke up to a disturbingly high-pitched hum coming from the television. She reached for the remote controller which was seated beside her. After reducing the volume of the television, she checked the time from the clock hanging lazily on the wall. “Past midnight,” she confirmed. It wasn’t the first time Kingsley, her husband, would come […]

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Stained Asphalt: By Anthony Madukwe Winner of The Random Thoughts Prize in Creative Fiction and Poetry.

July 18, 2017

This week on The Random Thoughts features a story by Anthony Madukwe who won our Writing Competition with a simplistic, vivid story.  Read his interview and the story: Stained Asphalt If you gripped my shoulders today, shook me hard and yelled at me to say just one thing to my younger self, I would laugh […]

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It’s like losing a lover: Healing component by Rhoda Obi

May 13, 2017

A piece of my heart is gone Forever floating in hyperspace How many pieces can stray Before empty shell remains It’s like losing a lover Who does not want to be lost Searching in vain inside of you Hopelessly trying to give life To the memories The thing about memories They become weaker the more […]

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Everybody is looking for something: Kofi Eghan

May 6, 2017

Everybody is looking for something and I am not an exception, But what I seek is not what everybody is looking for. Life is a race but we’ve all been given our own time and distance, Only to run but at our own pace. Desire, oh my desires! My love for you grows profoundly because […]

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Home Away from Home: Random Thoughts By Kofi Eghan

May 6, 2017

Sometimes my life is like an open book. So fragile that even the winds could flip through its pages. Sometimes my life is as hard as a rock. So firm and rooted that even the waters cannot wash away. Sometimes I need some time alone. Not to be lonely, but to be alone. Sometimes I […]

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Before You Talk About Love: Poetry by Kofi Eghan

April 21, 2017

Before you talk about love, whether good or bad. You have to know how it feels before you do talk about it. Love is strange, sometimes it comes like a rain. Not showing forth any sign of clouds, but then it falls. Love can take away your pain, and it can take away your sorrows. […]

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OSSIFRAGE : A poem by Antony Akpevwe G

April 1, 2017

He is the scavenger who crushed your bones And picked your marrow clean Your common wealth he replaced with stones. He is your hope’s hunter With the powerful neck and fat belly From decades of drinking in oil-rich water. Your soft interior, hidden in bone is where his sharp sight locks You surrendered your dreams […]

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