Love me: By Temisan Agbajoh

“Don’t love me I’ll break you”

I refused to listen, I felt

I could make her love me


It wasn’t infatuation or a cliché love story that burnt brightly like the sun or

Cold as winter love

It felt warm like the embrace of spring

It would have made Romeo rethink and Juliet hold back.

Always listen when she tells you

Don’t believe you can be different

‘I will make you fall In love with me’
and that she did

I listened to her when her silence spoke, when she laughed and her cheeks bunched up
when she cried and her tears came running down
I listened

Feet off the ground and head in the clouds I fell in love

With Her words and all the jokes we shared

Forbidden kisses and jealous stares from the world was my new high, it was ecstasy

A dangerous cliff to be on, a mere respite from the drudgery of reality

I’d do it all again
I wouldn’t change a thing

I loved you for being who you were and loving me the way you did

Goodbye my lover.