This skinny caramel girl with the long legs

Haircut as low as her temper

Perfect B cup titties and boot-cut ass

Walks around my apartment like she owns it with me

Like she owns me.

She wears her blue bathrobe

Puff on cigarettes nonchalantly

Like one who owns life, and all that life consists of.

Her left frontal lobe motley with god marks poke out

And I can see the lining of the turquoise string from the back

As she stoops to lay the bed she fucked me on last night

After she got me heavily drunk on Jameson,

Pinned me down

Choked me singlehandedly as she kissed me

Roughly, and then passionately

The other hand unbuckled me and she straddled me, rode me to ecstasy.

I know she is bad for me,

She can never be the right kind of girl

She can never be my woman;

She swings in ways, bad mannered, an alcoholic, and smokes cigarettes

Loves to fist fight and bed wrestle,

A freak in the streets and a freak in the sheets,

Climacteric, that means my neck hurts from her riding my face with both my hands tied to the window atop my bed,

Plays by only her rules, and doesn’t forgive easily.