Anything for Chimamanda Adichie

The first time I smoked Marijuana it happened by accident but who am I kidding, I anticipated the day. When I had to sit for my senior exams I joined a tutorial. I attended it for a span of three months. During that time, I built a number of relationships, one of which happened to be with my literature teacher, Mr. Collins. I and Mr. Collins had several discussions after school hours, they were stimulating and I enjoyed his presence, it made me open up more, I leaned him my novels. One of which happened to be the thing around your neck by Chimamanda Adichie.

What was I thinking? He never returned it. I begrudged and resented his presence until he felt bad and acquiesced to give it to me. On the named-day, he asked me to follow him home.
On our way, he told me we had to visit a friend of his first, and then go get the novel. I mean it was Chimamanda that year.
His friend’s house was between narrow paths like the road to the evil forest. I didn’t mind, I followed still, anything for Chimamanda. He led me through rocky roads and muddy waters, I hopped all. He turned streets and gradually with each step urban became rural, anything for Chimamanda.
Finally, we stopped in front of a dilapidated kiosk and Mr. Collins knocked on the door. A cough came from within.
“Who send you?”
“How e dey go Osas naa me, Collins.”
“Collins How far?”
“I dey all right how far?”
“I base.”
A sound came from within and bolts unlocked. A lanky man in his late thirties emerged. He wore shorts and a scarf around his neck, they bumped knuckles. We went it.
Inside was a small room with two chairs and the walls for a backrest, the floor was still the street.
“Give me two mould abeg, no mixing, and two gentleman gin for the sweet up, you get?”
The man grunted and picked a random knapsack on the floor, in it was money and items folded in newspapers, he selected two and inspected it, nodded and gave it to Mr. Collins.
“On a normal level.”
They bumped knuckles.
“Olufela, can you smoke weed?”“Why yes, let me have some of that.” Anything for Chimamanda.

“Why yes, let me have some of that.” Anything for Chimamanda.
Mr. Collins rolled me one and gave me a sachet of a gentleman for the sweet up.
I got high, I touched the sky, I felt irie, word to Bob Marley.
It was my first time. I easy skanked, I kayad, I was like is this love? The sun was shining, it satisfied my soul. I was gone on that misty morning. Crisis, I felt like running away, but time told, afterwards I smiled. It was the best thing I ever did for Chimamanda.
It was soon time to leave and then I procured two more for Indomie. I forgot the thing around your neck and took that thing around my neck.