We start off as a pair born at one birth

It’s survival of the fittest

But some souls have since learned to share

Or commensalize.

Survivors are the ones that cry in the end, losers only lay still


The dying gives life

A soul for a soul

In essence, sacrifice

Like rhetoric on the sweaty lips of a midwife caught in two minds

Whether to save the mother or save the child.

One always has to go


You ate your twin in the womb


For the sake of discomfort, a grudge, or survival?

For whatever reason,

You ate your twin in the womb

That is the barefaced fact.

Suffocated him with caul and wrapped his umbilical cord around his neck

Deprived him nutrients from mother’s placenta

Leeched on his life force,

And fortified yourself

Until he died


And now

Like the crooning or moaning of pigeons

Like sounds not meant for ears to hear

Like ghosts sobbing and crying in the dark because they’re too lonely and too sad

In mysterious languages, and uncanny whispers audible to you alone,

You hear him.