Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
To go over everything
Technology ruined our relationship; it only provided tools for interaction. The printing press, phone, radio, and television permitted us to spread messages in mass. Technology revolutionized how we communicated.
There were no iPhone pictures and we lived off memories we shared. We communicated but it took a while for your handwritten letter to get to me.
I loved how I read it and laughed at your unpleasant handwriting, even though I thought it was cute because you wrote it.
How I could taste your words because they meant so much to you and to me because they came from you.
How I spent time observing how the letters curved, it made wonder how you sat and the position you stayed to make them shape that way.
How in a hurry you were to get the letter done, the speed, your new level of intelligence.
Scientists say you can gauge the I.Q of a person by their handwritings, with technology one could never know.
I folded your letters and kept it because destroying it felt like a piece of me was missing.
I kept it and read it over and over again until your next letter got to me. Our relationship was genuine and we trusted each other.
It was my word against yours and we liked it that way.
We missed each other genuinely and when we met our hugs were tighter because we hadn’t seen or heard so much from each other in a while.
Our laughter was from the fullness of our hearts, brand new.
I sat and looked into your eyes and smiled as you spoke, I listened with rapt attention, postponing my blinks so I wouldn’t miss a single motion or gesture.
And when we kissed, oh when we kissed we inhaled each other deeply like heroin addicts and when we made love I was so into you that the only sounds I heard were soft moans muffled.
But, all that changed when technology came, it changed everything for us.
We had problems erupting from irrelevancies.
Why I didn’t like your picture or post a nice comment, how my status showed single while we dated and why my last seen was hours later after I said good night.

We never talked much when we were together and when you talked, you talked with half-enthusiasm and I listened with half attention and paid the rest to my phone, like you.
It made us insecure; I wanted to know who you were talking to and why you smiled.
It took away the anxiety we had for each other.
When we made love it was distracted by the beeps of messages entering our devices.
Our hugs were brief and our laughter unreal.
It squeezed the juice out of us.
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