A Typical Journal Entry

Yesterday night was the next tomorrow Morayo said she will visit and spend time with me; Morayo is the platonic friend of mine. The day was March 19th and the year was 2013.

Yesterday morning for my birthday party I spent the time with my sister at the mall, going from brassier to panties shop, window shopping and also picking up a thing or two that I liked. I listened to music on my iPod and tried to look cute for the pretty women I came across.

Since it was my birthday a day before yesterday I ordered some brownies, weed brownies. After I left my sister at the mall I went home and had some and after a while, I felt languid, complacent and weakened. I spent the rest of my day tossing and turning in the bed. After I felt better, I took my phone and sent out texts to my friends.

That was when Morayo said she was on her way, and she was coming with Akanke. I refused, but there was no time for me to disagree because they were already in a taxi.

I hurriedly tidied my apartment before they arrived, and I texted my friend Biyi to come over so it could be a double date and I would have all the time in the world to talk privately with Akanke, Morayo’s best friend I had a crush on. I thought it was a win-win situation. No third wheels, everybody paired

Everything went as planned; Biyi came just in time with Morayo and Akanke. We talked and had brownies. And then we took a long lazy and tired walk in the cold night, smoked reefer, made jokes and yukked it up with each other.

Maybe by now, you can tell my life is lame. Unless it’s a school day then I don’t really do much, not of course. When I wake up I change the music playlist I went to bed with, usually, it’s indie, and then I check my emails as smooth sounds seep into my ears. Rap, Cultural, Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Rock, Witch-hop, Reggae, depends on how I feel at the time. I reply the emails I have to, and then delete the ones I have to. I like to keep things neat.

I get up from the bed and then I go sit on the toilet bowl smoking the leftover cigarettes from yesterday, just to get myself in the mood.  And then I brush my teeth and have a bath. By the time I am done with a bath I already feel hungry, smoking makes my stomach open so wide in time for breakfast.

While I eat I love to watch a movie and so I do both simultaneously. I sit on the ground for breakfast, and after breakfast, I go to my working table and begin to write. Sometimes about peace and love, sometimes about all the anger, I feel inside, sometimes I’m tender, observant, remorseful, and reminiscent, and sometimes I teach. Sometimes I write about a woman, a man, a girl or a boy. I do this until I am very tired and then I take a nap.

I wake up depressed most times, and so I smoke or flick the bean, and then I eat, take a shower and feel better. I hate to waste time brooding, but sometimes I just stare and think about existential loneliness.

I have grown very bad

And smilingly heartless,

And they can tell

And they are all scared.

Priorities are obviously very important. For instance, the tomato ketchup and my phone fell at the same time; you can tell I chose the ketchup because I cannot tweet this.

Words in this diary

Carry life in them,

It’s why the pages

Feels so cold.

Visit the dentist, buy more clothes, and try to get clean? Hahaha, no way.