Was your intention of

Marrying her solely to take
Out your frustrations upon
Her because perhaps the gym
Just wasn’t doing it anymore?
I truly don’t get it.
It makes no sense to me.
What’s so twisted in your head
That you’d marry someone you
Clearly despised from the start?
Why marry someone you don’t
Respect or feel proud to flaunt?
Why marry a woman just to tell her
How unattractive she is and about
The better looking ladies that
Come your way when you’re away
From her filth? Why didn’t you marry
One of them? Why do your best
To loosen her ties with her family
If you weren’t eager to treat her like
Family? What has you so fucked up, man?
If she’s so repulsive, why do you keep
Dumping your nasty semen into her?
Why do you keep having children with
A woman whose face you can’t look at
With loving eyes, whose face your palms
Meet with speed without remorse?
Where the fuck is your conscience?
What did your parents teach you when
You were growing up? Where is your
Sense of right and wrong? Are you so lost
In your own shit you don’t realise she’s
A person like everyone else outside, like
Those people you seem to have no
Trouble being pleasant to? Why her?
The fact that you don’t love her
Doesn’t mean you have to hate her.
You could do the kind thing and let her
Go rather than restrict her movement in
A foreign country and police her phone
Calls with such entitlement and paranoia;
Maybe you know that nobody in
Their right mind would want to stay with you.
You choose to torture yourself with a woman
You see no right in just so you can torture her:
Is torturing her really that important to you?
Have you lost all hope that the only way to
Feel some kind of ease is by transmitting your
Disease to another like a vindictive HIV patient?
What’s fucked you up so bad that you’d marry
Someone only to steal the little joy they were managing?