I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that glitters isn’t gold, like shots of Jameson whisky on the rocks. Maybe because I like the taste I drink a lot. Maybe not, maybe because it helps me sleep; help me forget, helps put my mind at ease.

The trees on the nature trail by my house remind me of my short time in Minna, and also of Amina. She was a good fellow.
Do you have a friend who is awesome and it amazes you how you have them? The world never spots diamonds masked by roughness but sometimes we are lucky to see them. How amazing is that? It’s how I feel, sometimes. But then, how do you feel when that friend calls and says she has colon cancer and has been undergoing chemo for a while, that it’s nothing much, she doesn’t care if she will pull through, that she is in fact tired of the whole procedure and that…
“Will you shut up?” I yowled.
“These days I just wait the appointed time.” She exhaled.
“Your time isn’t now, Amina, you will pull through.”
“But, how do you know, how will I know? I’m tired already. I’ve had to use glasses because the drugs blurred my eyesight. I had taken a dose before the call, and as we speak they make me feel dizzy. We should talk later, another time.”