I am beginning to look like you

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what to be

Soaring, Stout-hearted, Strong, or

Would I be intelligent?

Would I be talented and creative?

Would I gain the love of my family?

My friends,

My people, Nigeria

Would I find love like you did?

Would she give me four children?

Would they have your eyes?

Your hands or your feet,

Your wit

Would they be smart, grow up bright

Watching me fight their mom at night

Would I get tired and send them away,

Would I lead them astray?

Would I cower?

I have tried my whole life to be a good man

I have tried to be generous to myself an also to strangers

I haven’t been stingy at home

I have made my loved ones laugh as well as strangers

I have been honest, and even when it hurts loyalty is absolute

I wonder how things would be now that I am beginning to look like you