Four Notes On moments in My Love Life

One afternoon I and my lover lay in bed,

She was tired and needed rest.

She had her head on my chest and

I stroked her jet black matted,

Greasy locks

With my hand, and then played songs on my phone with the other.

Soon, she was obviously asleep but

Imagine my surprise  when she woke up and asked:

“What was the name of that song you played?”

And then went on to quote lyrics to Jmsn’s Hotel.


I called my lover randomly one night

To say I was at her gate.

The time on my phone said One-fifteen A.M.

Her phone rang until it rang out;

I called more times

And then I gave up.

Did I know what time it was?

It was late; no sane person should be awake.

I turned to leave and stopped,

I heard bolts unhinge.

There she stood,

Arms akimbo.

She wore plain white T,

My Delilah.

I kissed her face and hugged her but

She elbowed me and ‘turned inside.

I followed in her wake.

Inside I took off my clothes

Until I was bare

And then I lay in bed.

She did the same,

And then we cuddled ourselves to sleep.

It was the most natural thing to do.


I don’t mean to blow my bent horns but,

My ex-lovers might take me back.

Ibimina will take me back,

She was a hopeless romantic.

She cried for many nights

When we broke it off,

Though, she said

“I don’t anymore but it hurts like it was yesterday.”

She asks how I sleep at night.

We still talk, from time to time.

She’s in college

To study chemistry.

I told her how ironic.

She says she has a boyfriend but won’t talk about him.

She knows I’d listen.

Instead, she asks:

“What’s up, Pat, what did I miss?”

I try, to be honest, and tell her everything.

Most times she gets mad, and then we argue.

Like clockwork.


She kissed me and then asked about the journey.

I told her I was tired, but not anymore,

And then I kissed her back.

We lay spent in bed and intertwined our fingers.

She asked about Lagos, about Ghana,

My mother and sister.

If and when I talked about them,

All the while she will smile.

Her smile was like she was about to laugh,

And, it had a person staring and anticipating a punch line.

If you did get it,

Her laugh was the most beautiful thing to look at.

Her face became animated,

Her overly pink cheeks and thin lips.

You saw her White teeth

And Pink tongue sitting in her mouth.

I never tell her about my other girls when she asked,

Never disrespectful.

I talk about stress and troubles,

She sighed when I was done talking

She took in my load, and then she kissed me.

By the time she spoke my mind was off everything.