C’est La Vie

Just stop with the statement, It is never just “online”. Persons run the accounts, persons with feelings, insecurities, flaws, friends and families. Persons who have a life they live, standards that life is built on that may never apply to your reality.
And because realities differ we disagree. Tribe plays a part, our parents and environs. But nobody learned anything from being agreeable.

The community survives on people taking sides, the Leftist is just as important as the Rightist.

Based on Nature’s hierarchy, things have to be on top of things. This is why cliques and sects thrive. Someone or something has to be better, faster, stronger, and more vicious than the rest. We cannot all be alike.
So don’t get it twisted, c’est la vie.
Nobody sets out to ruin the perfect picture of your reality. Why should anyone on earth own two iPhones when you cannot afford to eat two times? For your issue, here’s a tissue. Man, no cook, women no wash, pikin no born bullshit, feminism and meninism. Or that money cannot sit in a cupboard forgotten, or drugs abuse isn’t a thing in Nigeria. That makes us stupid and ignorant.
There are men who love their women and don’t cheat, but that’s not your reality. They stay and take care of their kids, they cook for their wives and rub her feet every day, they talk to her and walk her down the street holding all her bags, but that’s not your reality. And the same goes for women who empower their men and stand by his side. But you’re used to men beating on women and calling them all sorts, abuse and misuse.
I can’t deny that such problems exist, but not everywhere, and not as much as it might be promoted. Remember, good things are done quietly and bad things open for all to see. So how will good get praise? Good reasons to say fuck being good and go bad with the crowd.
The same way we sit at home and talk about which localities are better than other localities because of status or affluence, so it is too online. For instance, in Lagos bridges are the clear demarcation of the haves and haves not. Elsewhere, like in Tanzania, it is the exact opposite.

There is no clear demarcation online. Things incomprehensible might fall in your face and the reality of it as to your present condition might muck you up. Get taken aback, tuck your ignorance and ask valid questions.
And, just like every social setting, there will be rats, cockroaches and maggots. There will be social climbers who do everything in their power to get up the ladder. And that is why the idea of people being catfishes will never go away. Some people want to be other things they are not and that is never going away, like war and greed. As long as people benefit it never goes away.
You might be a victim, but never think it’s about you. c’est la vie
Contentment has nothing to do with being unambitious.