Today my girl is sad

I didn’t wake her for work

I didn’t ask about her sleep

I didn’t watch her take a bath.

As my girlfriend took a bath and I didn’t watch,

I also didn’t listen to what she said.

I didn’t go in to kiss her and get lather on my face

Or water on the shirt I’m to wear out.

I didn’t help my girlfriend pick out an outfit,

As she walked naked around the room I didn’t turn my neck to catch a glimpse

Of perky breasts and big nipples

Or behind sculpted like a horse’s hind.

I didn’t say I liked the black lace panties she picked or her oxblood brassier

Or tell her how the thought of me knowing what she wore inside makes me oxblood hot.

Today I didn’t tell my girl I like her makeup and the way mascara highlights her feline eyes

I didn’t kiss her or feel the menthol of her lipstick.

I never asked what she wanted for breakfast or if she cared to eat

And so she sat on the bed,

Stared at me,


She got up from the bed

Walked around the room,


She ruffled her hair


Picked up my book

Flung it, mildly


She stared at me,

While I stared at my computer

“What plans do you have for today?” she asked,

“Same as yesterday, keys where you can find it,” I said.