Dear Diary,

I know starting an entry this way is cliché but this is how the inspiration came to me. Now that we have gotten that out of the way I will like to say my president should be tried as a war criminal because of violation of internationally accepted rules of war (on Kwaruption).

It has been more than one hundred days in office and all the changes promised have not been fulfilled, not like I ever held the man to his word after what history said he did in the eighties (and because Fela didn’t like him), but wow, nothing seems to be moving, businesses (foreign and locally), the currency has been on the suicide and near death experience watch list and then our President, Mr Buhari sits on his throne in Aso rock and tells we the masses, indirectly, that who are we to make complaints. Such disrespect, and unfair enough, it is not only the masses our president is telling things to, everybody watched and heard what M. Buhari said to his Wife live on BBC Hausa interview. Yes, we all heard him right when he called it the other room. What is the other room? Anyway, that is none of my business. I learned the hard way to stay away from couple’s issues, tricky business that be.

But come on man, Mr Buhari, what the fuck?

I will like to be plaintive on the nincompoop and bag of incompetence that Nigeria’s president is but strength is to be saved because food doesn’t come easy these days. Due to the daily death of the naira to the almighty Dollar the prices of goods sold in the market has doubled. Food these days  is like joy, it comes in the morning, except on weekends when it comes in the evening, and that is after calling to or three friends to send you mobile money.

Please if you know and understand MMM come and teach me.