Poetic synergy regardless of distance…


You hurt me so deep

I can hardly breathe

I told you I wanted forever,

And you said nothing

I said I wanted more from this

And you said you needed more time

More time to get what you wanted

Just what you needed

Speaking as though I had no emotions

You came to me only for me to sit on your third leg

And before dawn, you were gone.

I, an ever fool

Bending to your satisfaction

Now here, sitting at the edge of my bed

Reading your note

One which you left behind

Telling me


I am a liar, a cheater and a deceiver

But never to you

I wanted more

And all of you


And maybe a day more

But life has that big hairy butt.

I knew more will hurt

Ruin everything we have

Beyond sitting on my third leg,

Or bending to my satisfaction,

Intimacy of no label

And then friendship

I speak like you have no emotions

And I know we are human

But I’d be inhumane than hurt you