My Black Society | By Kofi Eghan

In the days of old, you were sold.
You made a pilgrimage but in bondage.
In that age, you lost your heritage.
But in a fight, you gained your rights.
Now you are free but cannot claim your freedom.
In the name of civilisation, you are being dictated.
You have everything but can boast of nothing.
Oh, my black-land, when will you be vigilant?
Set a day to make a way, and we shall await that date.
For we want to be free, but with freedom.

I heard people preach, others teach and many speak.
That, being different is what makes me special.
But yet, I was never accepted because I chose to be different.
I was rejected because I never behaved and dressed like them.
I was neglected because I never spoke like them.
If you want me to be like you, then teach me to be.
You told me to believe that you were grooming me to be a leader.
But yet, never did you even teach me the ways of a servant.
You taught me that a hungry man is an angry man.
But you expect me to smile and laugh whilst I die of hunger.
You told me that you are broke and have no money for my education.
But you are the very person who got enough to fund a funeral.
If I were dead, a befitting burial will I get?
And thus, there will be lots of food to eat and a lot of drinks to spare.
But here I walk in life, a deserted man who perishes but of hunger.
Society, Oh my dearest society.
Is my death of more benefit to you than my life?