To the lazy, you are either slow or fast but the hardworking man sees you just as the way you are.
You do not favour the strong, neither do you stop to wait for the weak.
You are just as you are, both to the fool and wise.
You are the same service to both the rich and poor and forever you shall be.
Oh man, who are you to manipulate it when you live under its authority and works in accordance with its rules?
Everybody have you but nobody owns you.
Man sometimes stumbles and loses sight of his priorities but you never do.
Is there anyone who is more focused and engulfed in his/her work more than you?
No, there isn’t. And never will there be.
The young looks at you from afar and are eager to meet you because they see you as their future.
But the olds wish is for you to go back to the past with them still being young so that they can right their wrongs.
You always work but never tire and when everyone is asleep, you still work.
Oh, the hand of time, when will you ever stop for a moment to rest?
You are always in motion but no one knows where you are going.