The Cloth Of Death: Poetry By Kofi Eghan

Those who seek you are afraid to find you.
The ones who are weary and are in pain sees you as the total end to their suffering but are afraid to embrace you.
You are always the reason behind the tears of a widow for her husband and that of a sister for her lost brother.
You are behind the cry of an orphan for his/her parents.
Wherever you go, tears never cease to flow.
Oh death, do you have any sense of humor?
Life cannot wrestle you for what you posses.
In random, you choose into your bosom.
Oh death, how large is your home that you claim many into your abode?
You are the shadow in the dark and the terror behind man’s fear.
Your name, no living wants to hear.
Not even animals want you as a friend.
Oh death, how scary are you that no one wants to feel the warmth of your embrace?