Dazzling Daisy: A Poem By Kofi Eghan

Dazzling daisy,
One who is pretty and never naughty.
Your smooth words and flattering speeches,
Causes my heart to melt like a snow on a mountain on a sunny day.

Dazzling daisy.
If you travel so far beyond the reach of roads,
And I find no ship to sail the seas.
Then I will swim across the ocean,
Just to be by your side.

Dazzling daisy.
How beautiful, the shining colours of thy youth.
Even if adulthood changes your contours,
I will never forget you.
Neither will I leave you.
Cause in my mind,
I bear fancy imageries of you.

Oh, dazzling daisy!
One who defines my life.
And makes it meaningless without your presence.
I wish I could just wish away my feelings.
But not in my wildest dreams do I ever plan to do so.
Dazzling daisy.
Down memory lane have I realised,
That my conscience bear me a witness,
That you are the one who brightens my life,
With nothing but loving smiles.