Here are some simple rules to follow

Here are simple rules to follow when relating with other humans:

  1. Do you want to be respected and loved? Every human on earth wants to be loved and respected too so in your dealing with them think about how your actions might go against their want of it.
  2. Some people eat as a need and some do for need and pleasure but in general, we all need food, like it. So think about it all the time, worry if the next man has eaten, if he has eaten, smile, if he hasn’t, do everything in your power to change that.
  3. The feeling of special privilege that makes you believe that you deserve to be given something can come off as childish and irritating to anyone who is not your mother so, try as much as possible to suppress such feelings, nobody owes you anything.
  4. Consent is sexy, and do you know why? There is nothing more fun than equally shared interest be it in board games, outdoor sports, sex and everything else. Make sure parties involved have specified their interest in wanting to do something before you engage them.
  5. Don’t be so self-involved that you start to think you might be the only one who wants loyalty, everyone wants loyalty too.
  6. If it is in the past don’t bring it up.
  7. Stop when you hear stop no matter how fast you have been moving.
  8. Even if you are left handed use your right hand to give things to people, it’s the right thing to do.
  9. You do not have to greet but it is polite and respectful to acknowledge people.
  10. Be polite even if you do not have to be, at least you are in your right when politeness is rejected and then you have to be rude.
  11. The building takes a lot of time and effort and destroying takes only but a single moment so, in relation to trust, try not to break people’s trust in you.
  12. It is okay to not be able to handle certain responsibilities, say so on time before you make a failure of yourself when given certain tasks to handle.
  13. Nine times out of ten you don’t have to tell a lie even if your intention is not to hurt the other person.
  14. Don’t steal, don’t chip out. It puts a hole in the ship nobody can find until it becomes too late and the ship is already sinking.
  15. Respect is reciprocal. This is more for children than for adults. Respect children and their individual spaces. Scroll up and read point one again.
  16. “How was your day” does not mean “what did you do today” they are two different things, save everyone the long story if it was not asked of you.
  17. Try and understand things before you speak, if you do not understand say you do not understand and keep your mouth shut instead of saying something offhand.
  18. Listen first.
  19. Don’t complain. Nobody needs to hear how bad you have it because everybody has it bad.
  20. If you forget to say thank you it says a lot about you.
  21. If you forget to say please it says a lot about your upbringing.
  22. Anybody, you meet on the road is a child to someone, or a parent, or a brother or a sister and somehow that web connects through time and space that we might all be related to one another in a weird and complicated way, so treat everyone you meet like you would your own.
  23. Gain should not always be the motive, don’t be all about what will be in it for you, sometimes do it for free, for the experience, for nothing.
  24. Be kind when you do not have to be.
  25. Remember the reasons for every slight done to you
  26. Being a burden is unfair; try to make dealing with you easy for people. Trophies are not handed out to the most complicated person.
  27. If you let them get away with it once they will do it again.
  28. If you raise a snake it will one day bite you: Be conscious of giving people all the necessary tools they need to one day betray you.
  29. Don’t quote forty-eight laws of power.
  30. Don’t say you have read the art of seduction in a conversation.
  31. If they say fifty shade of grey is boring just agree with them they are used to winning such arguments.
  32. Don’t show off it’s not cool.
  33. Conform
  34. Don’t conform.
  35. Don’t eat where you shit no matter how tasty the food looks, it’s never worth the stress.
  36. Don’t small talk, ask real questions.
  37. If you have nothing to talk about bring music up it never gets old.
  38. If you have nothing to ask about ask if they like bread, everybody likes bread.
  39. When talking to a woman don’t ask her age, if you have to guess do so below what she looks like.
  40. Nobody trusts anyone who is too nice.