Sometimes my life is like an open book.
So fragile that even the winds could flip through its pages.
Sometimes my life is as hard as a rock.
So firm and rooted that even the waters cannot wash away.
Sometimes I need some time alone.
Not to be lonely, but to be alone.
Sometimes I need some time on my own.
A time to plan my way to climb the ladder of freedom.
In every revolution, there is a man with a vision.
Because I am on a mission to fulfil a vision,
I am setting a course and I will work towards its cost.
I journey with no money to a far away place where I never know.
Maybe things will be a little slow as I go lengths relying on my strength.
I will never moan no matter how far I roam.
Cause, my hope is that which keeps me alive.
That which I seek is but a home.
So that I will be in a shade before everything fades.
I know I will find something in the highway of nothing.
Cause, a home away from home, is what I want.