A Craft

If you say that you love a person then you must be willing to give them a research chance. That is, allocate a lot of time and attention to the pursuit of the knowledge of them. How they live? what do they want from living? that is most important to them? what is life to them? how do they intend to go about living life? what boxes from the other lives that they have lived did they carry with them into your own existence? what still lingers inside them? You must learn the deep secrets that are usually too embarrassing or intense to talk about in public, you must see what the sun hasn’t seen for a very long time and not jump back and clap dramatically in surprise or judgement. It is like reading ancient scrolls, due to the softness of the paper caused by old age and thinness of the pencil strokes which have been blurred by time’s passing, you must be gentle and patient, understanding and above all you must be calm, else you tear sheets or startle the little things that matter. And it is not as easy as it sounds, some things may be hard to understand or come to terms with but that is where our perseverance comes in, our long-suffering.

After enlightenment and deep understanding, everywhere you go you will include this love in your conversations, you will want to preach to people about this love when you sleep and you are awoken abruptly to be asked questions about your love you will be able to have answers. Until you reach a point of oneness with this human study, until the love becomes one with you like training up a child in the way that he should grow, even when they are not with you this love will reside deep inside under your breasts and will never depart. And you will grow for it, mature in mind, body and spirit.

This love is a craft. Like learning how to make music or painting on a canvas, sculpting, art, anything that requires we spend a lot of time with it, something that requires our sensitivity and pride, care or our life.