(Them, You)

“This is the story you go around telling people?

Nobody will believe this,

Don’t bother

Else you get laughed at.

I’m not surprised you got “raped”,

Fille de Joie

Yellow cake face

Red Lips

Black eyes, whore eyes


Who asked you to feel adventurous?

Without escort


Obviously, you wanted it

To a certain extent

You must have

Just a little bit

Don’t lie

You liked it

Just a little bit.


I heard some women have rape fantasies,

Guilt visits and it leads to framing

But stop crying,

Telling anybody you got raped

Where are bruises?

The struggle leaves bruises

Who are you fooling?”


And you sat there,

Trying to see

Tears burning eyes that produced them

Because you weren’t aware

Sedated heavily

By a slip in your drink.

You fought, until the last drop

The drug numbed your senses

Consciousness lost

No! slurred

Through soft shallow gasps.