Mama knew what he was doing but

Mama felt powerless,

Didn’t even believe it

Mama knew she had an obligation

To her child, but Mama was tired of being lonely

So scared of being single and

While he was too far from being perfect in her eyes

Mama felt like

He was better than nothing.

Mama needed to be held,

Someone’s touch, and

He provided all.

Lately, he makes comments about her daughter’s body,

How fat and how full

He says to the child, “Pretty girl nobody has to know,” If pretty girl lets him

He waits ’til pretty girl is alone

Corners her and spews: “Pretty girl I want you, you make me hard.”

Only a matter of time

Before he violates

Make true his words.

And if Pretty girl told

Mama wouldn’t believe

she will take his side,

Because she is too blinded

By love in her eyes

So pretty girl cries.


Phtocredit: Wangechi Mutu