Closet – Day 6

“I will be honest with you,

I’ve thought about it and

Come to the conclusion that

Your relationships with women

Fail because you’re

A nymphomaniac

Trying to fuck anything under a skirt

With a bulge on their chest

Fucking friends

And best friend’s friends.

Why do you even do that?

Is everything about sex?

Why don’t you bond?

Why can’t you fall in love?

Are women just objects?

To use and then dump whenever

Are sexual urges ever satiated?

And to think you have had enough, you

Masturbate and watch excessive porn.

You’re an animal

A dog, to say the least,

A narcissist

You deserve to be alone!

You deserve no love

You’re better off a sex predator!

You do the same to your everyone

Weren’t you loved enough?

Given all?

Offered satisfaction?

But still, you thirst

Shameless Pavlov dog”

Nobody cares to know

You got dragged

An empty classroom

School seniors in all-boys school

It’s why you go about with women

To prove you’re not homosexual.

Too ashamed to talk about it