Today is the last day of our “You were molested” project of using poetry to tackle on the different perspectives of molestation in our society. It has been an emotional journey opening up ourselves up as a medium for vital communication to pass through, but it has been worth the experience. As it is the last day, we had already written to a lovely lady whom we are fans of her work to give us a closing perspective. Thank you for being a part of this project.


Sometimes no is not enough


when it is said firmly

sometimes no is not enough

especially when

a broken man

holds a knife to your throat

not when

he uses the knife from

YOUR kitchen

to threaten you into

undressing fearfully

  1. your. own. house

sometimes no is not enough


when a man’s genitals

are already laced

with the brokenness

of the several “no’s”

of his upbringing

sometimes no is not enough

but is instead

a call for war

sometimes no is not enough

is not enough

is not enough



no   means   no

means no


The end.


Angel Nduka-Nwosu is a poet and writer born in Lagos, Nigeria. A self-identified Feminist/Pan-Africanist, she was the recipient of the Best Position Paper at the African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2015 for her paper on eradicating the maternal health mortality in The Islamic Republic of Mauritania. She was also, recently, awarded Best Spoken Word Artist at the Nigerian Teen Choice Awards 2017. Her poem “Benediction” which covers rape culture and consent was a part of the top 100 poems selected for the Poets in Nigeria Undergraduate Prize 2017.

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credit: mielamiela