There was a clown, a man dressed in Mickey Mouse costume, a Dj swaying to the beat of his own mix and lot of children just like Kanayo himself. All the children were dressed in dainty attires, all waiting to get on the dance floor. Kanayo himself could not wait to flex the newly learned makossa moves he picked up from watching Awilo Logomba. The MC, a young woman, called out to the children to get ready to play musical chairs. Kanayo was excited, he had won a lot of that game in the past and was eager to win again, but, just as he stepped forward he felt a violent movement in his bowels. Immediately, Beads of sweat formed on his face and he rubbed sweaty palms on his jeans. Just last night Kanayo consumed a big plate of beans and assisted it with soaked garri and sugar. He tried to ignore it, he danced a bit but the agitation remained and this time he felt pressure on his bunghole. He swallowed hard, stepped back slowly and sat back down. Now sitting he clenched his legs and his eyes to relieve himself, exhaling hot air out of his nose. After his insides settled, his second thoughts were to go home and forfeit the dance competition.

Without informing any of his friends he left the party.

His mother drove him and his friends to the birthday party but Kanayo knew the way home. The journey was to be a long walk, a straight long road, the same he took to school every day.

To make it home successfully Kanayo knew he had to walk fast but not too fast, he had to pace himself. But because his home was a straight line in view, he was anxious. He successfully passed the woman who sold rice on the street to Hausa men who dealt in currencies, the kiosk where he regularly bought Capri sun and biscuits on his way to school, he passed the woman who sold recharge cards and did one minute phone calls since Nitel collapsed, all the while walking with his legs closed and his ass cheeks clenched, sweat forming on his forehead and glueing his shirt to his back. After successfully making it to the end of the road, his house was now in sight. The excitement from the anxiety of being home quicker made Kanayo’s heart gallop and this caused shivers to rush down his spine, after that, despite gritting his teeth and holding his breath to settle his bowels, it was not enough, he soiled himself. He felt the matter curl itself like a snake in his pants making him feel utterly appalled; he bowed his legs and wobbled home leisurely with his head bent down in shame.


Photocred: B.Vikki