A poem in my heart

These obstacles are not enough to take me away

I will never leave

I wish you can see that

Look into my eyes and see how I look into your eyes

I am ever willing to lay myself bare and let you look through my innermost thoughts because I know even though you’re so fragile, you’re also strong to handle a person like me.

I am not fully formed but I work hard daily to be

Taking space and pacing to regurgitate emotions

To learn from the marks the sharpness tears across my heart when I almost jeopardize us

Re-examining my manner of approach

Because only then will I be able to love better and be better for you whom I so cherish and adore with the entirety of my being.

I wish we can let go of the flesh

Recognize that we are destined to be higher beings and our connection to the universe is stronger.

That we are better together

Your presence is calm and soothing to my ever rumbling soul

You’re my peace but I end up being your pieces,

Sometimes I wish you didn’t like putting things together.

I end up cutting you.

The rumbles of my mind often drive you away because you cannot always take the quake,

And that is one of the diverse ways that we are similar.

For us to be better,

To live together

Sometimes you also need us to path

The way you make me feel is sacred

It hurts you contemplate that I could be tired of your love when in it is where my thoughts reside

My heart steady thumps to the beat of our memories

The wind pushing against our skin as it sweeps leaves around us where we lay on the floor in a quiet garden

Looking forward to our future and trying to put the past behind us.

These things, I have figured, keeps me alive

For a day more I want to gaze upon your face

Deep into your marron eyes

Looking into your soul and seeing the beauty of what we share

The care between us

The flare

The beauty of your face

The lines,

The curve of your lips

The slant of your eyes,

Your chiselled nose and cherry lips that I love to drink from.

I miss my favourite cup which is your mouth and I long to eat my favourite food which is your body.

To cleanse my soul

You exist as a poem in my heart.