Bad Smells

My day was filled with bad smells
The first to greet me was the chemical odour of cum at the back of the tro-tro I boarded
Mix that with the bleach used to scrub it hastily off the seats.
Phlegm rose to my throat
I couldn’t spit, I was in-between two men.
Decaying shit, at the first bus stop, wafted from the unkempt canal by the road at Achimota.
My mother always said pee on the road smelled worse than shit after a few days, she was right.
Body odour from every angle at the market bashed against my face
I blamed the scorching sun, the hustle and bustle, for that one.
On my way home, tasty smelling fried eggs and noodles from a stall by Tesano Junction reminded me that I had not eaten all day.
As my stomach grumbled the cloud darkened and petrichor filled my nose
The weather was warm and dry
My throat was parched, I could smell my hunger
I closed my eyes to think of Chinese rice and the sweet intoxication was welcomed
It embalmed me.