These obstacles are not enough to take me away I will never leave I wish you can see that Look into my eyes and see how I look into your eyes I am ever willing to lay myself bare and let you look through my innermost thoughts because I knowRead More →

I will braid my hair again but I like to leave it Hangin’ loose Free forming Into any shape it wants Until it gets tangled And then she sits me down for hours to comb it. She untangles me, I don’t know where I found her But I love her.Read More →

Some days I am the sun And you, my planet. I dance all over you in the day And fly over the moon for you at night Making everything that has life in you Rejuvenate and get more life In honour of you, in truth And in spirit. Some daysRead More →

She held him close to her finery, Her bosom. Her breath on his face was soft and slow But her heart was racing into his ear aptly placed. Her mind was  solely on his form, The most on her, the rest Stretched out in front. She inhaled his perfume, stroked hisRead More →

Few days after our first encounter I was summoned into her office. She had previously given me a copy of “Courtesy for Boys & Girls” with the instruction that I read and memorized it. I was ready for her. I don’t remember a single thing from that book today butRead More →